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Q. What do get when you ask Picturskew to cover you wedding?

       A. Fun & laughter without the stress

We like the 'relaxed' approach to you day, and hopefully you can see that in our photography.

We appreciate there is enough stress without us adding to it.  Weather we spend the whole day with you or just a couple of hours will will provide you with memories to treasure for a lifetime, for you, your family and friends.

Picturskew Photography aims to make your day memorable, providing you with stunning images for you to to look back on as if it was only yesterday. We have invested in high-end Canon Camera equipment to provide perfect photographic memories of you day. All our printed images are printed in print labs in England to ensure the best in photographic paper and colour reproduction. We have a number of suppliers of photo book and albums to meet everyone's choice and budget.

Our approach to each wedding is individual and personal to the couple. We aim to be part of you day and not to hold up or keep you from your guests and provide you with memories you will cherish for years to come. We will have an initial meeting with a coffee and a chat a few months before the big day to discuss your likes and dislikes, so we will have the images you want. We can have a second meeting and discuss your personal photographs. Some people don't like the 'formal' type of photograph others just want to do their own thing and for us to photograph away in the background, and let the day flow. We don't mind after all its you day and your memories we want to capture.

We tailor our packages to you budget with prices starting at just £595. We can provide easy installment plans on a monthly basis with no interest. All our packages provide you with a private online gallery to view you finished images, and we provide you with an album containing some of you images from you day .You will see some of the folders on our wedding gallery  are password protected, this is to ensure privacy of our clients. You can choose to have this option. We have provided photography services at Churches, Hotels, Registry offices, and just about anywhere you could get married.

We also provide photography services to civil partnerships and photography services to the LGBT Community.

We aim to capture the parts of the day you don't see and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We operate on a turn around of 8-12 weeks for you finished images to appear on your very own on-line gallery within our website, which is password protected  to ensure only you have access to the images. None of your images will appear on Facebook prior to you seeing them and only then with you permission we may use a few for advertising purposes as the images above have been.

All you images will be delivered to you on a USB pendrive included with your album. 

**Picturskew Photography is Fully Insured against Public Liability & Professional Indemnity.**


We have a number of packages ranging in price starting at £595. All our packages (A-D) include the following:-

   • An 8x8 album. This comes complete in its own box and matching Pendrive and             available in a range of colours. Our albums will provide you with      a selection of           photographs of your choice. You pick the photographs that will go into the album           usually around 25-30 images. 

  • A private online password protected picture gallery, to provide you with private viewing of the images of your day prior to you  making them available to your friends and family.

  • Album is usually delivered 2-3 weeks after you have chosen your final photographs.

  • A 12x12 album is available at additional cost. We can also provide a “Parent album package” for an additional cost. This entails : One 12x12 album and Two matching 8x8 albums (this includes the 8x8 album with your wedding package).

Package A:   £595 Coverage of the service and photographs afterwards outside the venue. including meeting the groom, photographs of the rings and the venue. Photos of the bride arriving.

Package B:    £695  As package A with the addition of pre wedding photographs at the brides home or the venue if staying at a hotel.

Package C:    £850 Includes Packages A&B with the addition of travelling to the reception and photography at the reception and at another location if you have somewhere special in mind to have photographs taken.

Package D:    £995 This package includes all of the above and up to the first dance or 9pm which ever comes first. 

With all of these packages they can be tailored to you individual needs.

We can stay longer if required, all you need to do is give us prior notice. ( will incur additional cost) 

Unfortunately we have had to review and increase our prices due to increased costs with our insurance and websites. We have tried to keep the increase to a minimum to give you the best value on you day. 

The Complete Album Box

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